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    Kensington, MD | Montgomery County

    May 5, 2014

    This is my son's first year and he loves it. The school is very inclusive and activities are readily accessible. Great group of parents. Their participation is about average for a school this size. There are just enough folks to get quality programs going but more parent involvement would make Einstein a top tier school. Leadership is tried and true and have seen them in many after-school activities. The faculty and staff is visible and so far seemed proficient in their jobs. Word of caution: some teachers like handouts a little too much. This is usually a sign of lazy teachers who at the turn of a moment will direct you to what has been completed and what has not been turned in if your student is not doing well in class. Overall my son has found a home and I am glad. He is involved in Cross Country and they are a great and diverse group of kids.

    Submitted by a parent

    February 14, 2014

    My daughter is enjoying her time at Einstein. The principle is fantastic, and the teachers enthusiastic. They have a variety of programs that meet the needs all most/all of the kids. Very happy with our decision to go there. Please note, that most of the reviews below are VERY old and do not fully represent today's Einstein!

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    April 13, 2013

    Einstein is absolutely WONDERFUL as a school! While I am moving because of personal reasons, I would recommend Einstein to any kid with a desire to be a part of theatre, art, music, sports, academics, or languages. The students are very accepting, and there is a blind student in our school with a guide dog, and he is included in everything, such as main roles in the school play. While there are a few teachers who are less than fantastic, many of the teachers are very helpful if you make the effort to see them during lunch (which is 50 minutes so students can spend half of it eating and half getting help from their teachers). Also, besides the general obnoxious attitude sophomores have, there is not a "class war." However, there are occasionally fights in school, but it is usually between the kids who aren't trying to participate in class anyways. Regardless, this school is amazing!

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    August 28, 2012

    Sub par school, couldn't wait to get out of there. The students don't really care. Only a handful of good teachers.

    Submitted by a student

    June 24, 2012

    The school is wonderful, I love it so much; I can't wait to go back. I am a sophomore and when I arrive at Einstein my only attention was being in the VAC (Visual Art Center) I really didn't care about the school, in fact I thought it would be awful but the minute I step into Einstein I fell in love with it. It was not difficult at all to make new friends considering the Fact that the kids are creative, smart, artistic, and nice..... Well most of them. I m also getting a wonderful and rigorous education with the wide range of honors and AP courses at Einstein. The classes are 45 minutes (7 classes a day) NO BLOCK SCHEDULE! Which I prefer and so do most teachers. In the school you are require to choose an academy most of the student body choose VAPA (Visual and Performing arts Academy) but I'm in the VAC which is such a great place and program to be in if you re an artists. Kids from the whole county apply to this program but they only let in a small amount in each year. The school is beautiful and decorated with art and the community is very accepting and spirited. The IB program is so intense most students don't even make it by senior year.

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    February 8, 2012

    I love this school, I m so glad of the education I get from Albert Einstein High School ,The kids are just so excepting of each other but there are some kids you wonder about but don t all high school have them? The school is just great and beautiful and when I say beautiful I mean BEA-TI-FUL.The school is the location of the VAC (Visual Art Center) and the paintings the kids do in that program is so professional it will just blow your mind, but this is basically an arts school so the talent in the VAPA (Visual and Performing art academy) is just as great. The school has all 7th periods a day which is good especially if you re taking a foreign langue so you won t forget anything. The lunch is an hour so you have time to eat and visit a teacher. This is a fantastic choice if you re really into the arts ,we are a creative school consider the fact that we have the VAC and the VAPA but if your mostly in academics then this is also a great choice because we are an IB school so you can take really advance classes.It was the best choice I ever made.

    Submitted by a student

    December 5, 2009

    THe school has progressed since the older reviews were written. I am a current senior at AEHS an am thankful for the education provided. I am a minority who is in the IB program. This school has enforced education by the means of having fun with more class interaction with the material.I would recommend this high school to anyone who is seeking a good education.

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    November 12, 2009

    This school is very accepting of different kinds of people, and students are very nice and open to you no matter who you are. Teachers are of a wide variety but are all understanding and do a wonderful teaching job. This school is good for anyone.

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    October 3, 2009

    I am a graduate of Albert Einstein and have many fond memories of my time there.

    March 3, 2006

    Whoever wrote the Feb 04 statement is completely ridiculous. The IB program is available to all students and if your child chooses not to participate, its not discrimination. Other acadamies are available besides IB and they are available to all students. Besides, the suggestion that minorities are not as well included in these programs is just stupid ecspcially seeing as how the minorities in the rest of the US are the majorities in AEHS.

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    January 31, 2006

    While I can not speak to the overall quality of the AEHS environment or instruction, as a parent of new international/ESOL students at AEHS, I am spectacularly unimpressed by the orientation my children recieved: after a 40-minute wait in the office, a rushed visit with a clearly over-loaded counselor on the morning they started school. The staff I had access to were unable to answer my questions about ESOL class sizes and if there were other students from my children's country of origin, or at least who spoke the same language. Other MCPS high schools assign a fellow ESOL/international student to 'shadow' newbies for a week, and I was expecting a similar courtesy to help ease my children's adjustment to a new environment.

    Submitted by a teacher

    December 30, 2005

    I'm a student at AEHS and Einstein is a very good school. This is because the students are like a family and are there for one another. There may be some people who like to stray away but for most of the student body, everyone gets along and works out theie problems without fighting. I would recommend this school to anyone. P.S ~There will never be other classes like the classes of 2006 and 2008 at AEHS! Home of the Titans! Einstein, its the place to be! The Red Columbia Blue and White!

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    August 11, 2005

    The school is amazing. It caters to all the students and their needs. The teachers really seem to know their subjects and try to make a difference. This year we had academies and students progress was closely monitored. The new administration has been great and the overall enviornment of the school is changing. the one concern is the same parents are involved. there needs to be a way to involve the entire community instead of hearing from the same parents all the time.

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    June 8, 2005

    New administration this year trying to undo the mess past administrations have created. Now, the biggest obstacle to success for students... is students. There are fights daily. A whole new security crew would be helpful but the students have to want to learn.

    Submitted by a parent

    October 5, 2004

    I just graduated from EHS. While there I found the administration abysmal. Like others have said, we learned no independence because we were treated like children. However, in four years I never felt unsafe, I never felt discrimination, the student body is the strongest I've ever seen. People accept one another and support one another resulting in the strongest community of students one might imagine. I hardly appreciated it until I got to college (that's right I am in college) and saw how shallow and trivial young people can be. Academia may be lacking but it is more than compensated for by valuable life skills such as accomadating the needs of people who are different.

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